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How To Receive Email From Visitors

Hi everyone,

I just loaded OsTicket on server. Installation went well. I went to the admin panel, but cannot work out what I need to do so that OsTicket can start handling/receive support emails.

Q1. Do I need to make changes on server, or do I need to direct enquires to a specific email address (if so wha is that email address)?
Q2. Whatever needs to be done could, someone guide me, please?

Kind regards,



  • Also can't send receive notification emails

    Hi everyone!
    He's not alone. I've experienced the same problem. I have installed osTicket on 3 web servers so far (3 different hosts). But when I create a ticket, I can't receive the necessary email notifications... Its really bad. Any one out there, please help...! Thanks.
  • hey hey same here

    i have same problem, the script came with additional e-mail script files but don't know how to use it.
  • yahoooooo got it!

    hey just follow me: there is scp folder in your root directory of support site.

    yourdomain.ext/scp/admin.php OR

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