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How send mail to Staffz

hey there
when ppl send a ticket to one of the departments,
how i can forward that ticket to all of the stafs's E-Mail, on that department..
its not important with what! like pop, smtp, imap or etc! just how i can do it
help me plz


  • In the staff control panel, go into the admin panel. Under alerts and notices select department members.
  • =(
    i know them all!
    i check i all ticks in there!
    send to all staffz and etc etc!
    i dont get anymail when i send a ticket!
    is there any mail configuration ? for server? like smtp, pop3
  • You do need to setup the php mail() function. Have you tried a simple mail script to make sure that the php mail() function is working?


    PHP Code:
    if(mail(\"\",\"subject\",\"body\",\"From: [email][/email]\"))
    echo \"email sent\";
    echo \"email failed\";

    Upload it to your server and open up the file through a browser. What happens?
  • yes you right!
    i made that test.php! and when i use that http://domain/test.php
    i get this error inculed in the php! "email failed "
    so how i can fix or enable it?
    is it in my php.ini or something like this
    by the way, i`m using apache2triad

  • i fixed it finally
    that was my php.ini problem
    there was setting about smtp and i set it to my smtp server!
    anyways, thnx
    and sry for bothering you!
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