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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Is OSTicket for me?

I only want these features:
1. Ability to accept incoming emails sent to my email account, put them into different categories (according to the titles etc....)
2. Automatically assign support ids to these emails so customer reps can keep track and follow up.
3. The ability to use pre-written email messages.

Thank you very much


  • osTicket does everything you want, so yes osTicket is for you as well.

    And, because it's open source (read: free) you can just test it out and see for yourself. If you like it you can use it :)
  • I love OS ticket

    I want to pipe in and say how much I love OS ticket!

    Get your install from the website.
    (don't get it from fantastico)

    I first installed with fantastico, and had an old version.

    Then I deleted it and started over with a fresh install

    I've been extremely happy, and my team is learning quickly

    It does everything I want it to do, and it's FREE!

    I had considered another package that was $500, but when
    I looked at it I found it VERY confusing.

    I was concerned that a free software would not be good, but
    I was very please at how easy it was to install.

    PLUS, the guys here at the forum are great at answering
    questions. I post a question and get a response very

    my customers can reply to a ticket via email or via the
    web, making it very easy for them to communicate with

    I normally don't take the time to post such a long
    message in a forum, but I feel so strongly about this
    software that I'm doing it now.

  • Thank you!


    Thank you for the kind words and help finding/reporting bugs. Once we have the current release stable we will start adding more useful features.
  • I have just installed it now, so I have not much to say, but OST does seem to have all I need.

    I tried otrs before, and it was super hard to setup and config, and eats up all my cpu resources. I love OST, very simple and limited options needed to set. The installation was like: what, done already?

    Thank you.
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