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Setting Default Department

First Let me say thank you for the Wiki and Forums beacuse I was able to setup 1.6 RC2 without having to ask any thing.... until now.

1. How do you change which department the "new ticket" option gets sent to?

Example: I want to create a Maintenance Deparment and an IT Department.
There is no way from the "new ticket" screen to specify WHO recieves the ticket.

2. How do I CHANGE the default Dept (in Admin panel)

Example: I left the Support Department that came with the software be, and created the Maintenance and IT Departments, I created staff and all for both departments and set them all up. Since I cant figure out how to make sure the incomming new tickets go to the right place (see question 1 above) is there any way to change the "Default" department that tickets go to?



  • #1: I assume you mean when a client uses "new ticket" and not the staff? Because the staff can select a department when creating a ticket. For clients it is indeed not possible atm to select a department.

    #2: The default department can be set in the Admin Panel under "Default Department".
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