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How to edit an existing ticket?

I just installed osTicket and love it, but find I cannot edit tickets that other users submit. It is important that I be able to edit the title, for example, so that requests make sense in the queue. Am I just not seeing this option?

- Matt


  • This would be a wonderful feature and especially helpful for mis-posts. Maybe even the ability to delete individual posted replys would be nice.

    I don't think there is anything like this currently implemented. But if people are interested, I'm sure Peter could make it happen! :D (I'm not speaking for Peter, but he's generally very open to suggestions.)
    I wouldn't be surprised if this was already a planned feature.
  • This is indeed something on the wishlist. But it will not be ready in the next release.

    So just keep an eye on new releases :)
  • I'm just amazed that a ticket system wouldn't have such a basic feature. :-( You all do a great job and I really like osTicket, but I may have to go with Zentrack instead which is quite a bit more advanced.
  • osTicket is at it's infancy and yes it is missing some basic features. Please feel free to try other more advance systems which will better serve your needs.
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