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CRE Integration

Hi all, I am seriously interested in integrating osTicket with CRE Loaded, a derivative of osCommerce. I started early last year but lacked any serious php skills, I am further along in my understanding of code but still am not a Master by any means, nor would i consider myself a programmer. But nonetheless i do have the ability to begin this task soon and would appreciate any hints ideas, especially the one mentioned about bypassing the osTicket logins and identity parts of the code in lieu of the built in CRE ones. This is probably the biggest hurdle i would foresee so early on but I am willing to learn as i go. Thanks for any leading i can get here :) Happy New Year All!

Also Check out my Add-On of Starsol's FAQ Manager for osTicket here:
StarSol's FAQ Manager Integration with osTicket


  • CRE Loaded Integration

    I would also be very interested in CRE loaded integration. My php knowledge etc is comming along and so would be happy to help with any testing / coding if this project is to take off. Cheers.
  • Hiya....

    I have begun this FEAT and will continue what i can in only a limited bit of Spare time, but have no problem saying that it will not be an easy integration with my limited but persistent php skills also. But we can always strive to get better. The other option i have is to simply "borrow" features from such a great Open Source Ticket system such as osTicket and integrate them into an already "Usable" ticket system for CRE that I have been working on for some time. If you are interested in possibly testing/programming on that with me, message me and we'll get together :)

    G :)
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