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PHP error from cron.php

We've been running OSTicket for a couple months with no issues. Suddenly, starting this morning, when the cron runs to download the messages via POP, it gives the following PHP error:

[root@140644-web1 blogposts]# php /var/webapps/ROOT/tickets/api/cron.php
PHP Fatal error: imap_headerinfo(): Address buffer overflow in /var/webapps/ROOT/tickets/include/class.pop3.php on line 134

Line 134 corresponds to:

Thoughts? Can't get any new tickets into the system until I figure this out :(


  • I'm having the exact same issue - Just wondering if a solution was ever provided?

    PHP Fatal error: imap_headerinfo(): Address buffer overflow in /var/www/OSTicket/include/class.pop3.php on line 135

    The function is:

    function getHeaderInfo($mid) {


    //Parse what we need...
    'from' =>array('name' =>@$sender->personal,'email' =>strtolower($sender->mailbox).'@'.$sender->host),
    return $header;
  • It is a PHP bug....

    Simply upgrade your php.
  • Thanks Peter for the prompt reply.
    It looks like the issue is actually for php 5.2.6 - I'm currently running PHP 5.2.11 which should have the fix in place, unless I'm mistaken?
  • Sorry for the mix-up, the problem is actually in imap extension, imap_utf8 function. I will post a workaround in a day or so as part of an upcoming release.
  • Actually mine ended up being something completely different!
    The imap_headerinfo Address buffer overflow was caused by a spam email that came through with 500+ CCd email addresses.
    A PHP bug has been open for them to look at it.
  • sorry to bring up such an old thread, but for the 2nd time in the last couple of months we had this same issue

    we have php 5.4 samefor php-imap

    peter , could you describe the workaround? we run a very large amount of email addresses and to find the problem is usually a big mess
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