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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Future upgrade, if having modified.


I have installed OS ticket and integrated it into an existing project.
Truly, this is a very well writtin and easy to understand program from a
programming perspective.
I have managed to integrate it rather well by copying some of the files (e.g. open.php new_open.php) and pointing my system at that file.

If i do infact edit existing files, how do I go about handling upgrades of osTicket
in the future if I have made site specific modifications?


  • Good question. Are there any upgrades scheduled from the developers?
  • crusetech;6990 said:
    Good question. Are there any upgrades scheduled from the developers?
    That also is a good question. I am going to go check the website and see if it has anything to say about that. No one seems to have an answer and looking
    around on this forum people seem to be making alot of their own mods and customisations without concern for this. I guess I just have to do the grunt work of keeping track of what files I have modified so in the event of an upgrade we can merge (should be fine without to heavy modification.)

    This thread
    is about the current release osTicket v1.6 RC4
    While osTicket 1.6 RC4 is considered close to stable release of version 1.6, we hope to release v1.6 final in the near future following community feedback
  • I would also be curious to know if a new version is planned. It appears that it has been 1 year since the last release. I too have noticed many mods in the forum that seem beneficial to the project as a whole.
  • Looks like were going to just jump in and customise our copy!
    and we'll have to just cross the upgrade bridge when we come to it.

    at least will have a sophisticated ticketing system.
  • What does it take to help on development of a project like this?
  • That also could be one of my questions. I'd think i'd prefer to submit my mods into the project! It would help in keeping the quality contol of our own in house version as a byproduct of adding to the existing os project too!. I don't know what it takes, having only only ever worked on my own projects or existing ones without version control.
  • Version control

    I cant believe this is the only thread which mentions version control and there are no answers.

    I believe updating and preserving overrides is crucial for osTicket to succeed. Joomla and Drupal never had these either but they have used the templating systems to allow overrides for specific pages and languages.

    You have to keep track on modifications or use winmerge dot org

    Is there no 3rd party integration or svn solution?
  • I'm going to presume that this is actually a spamvertisement for winmerge. I am going to remove the link and close this thread (from 2009) because it is now a zombie.

    There several hundreds of posts that mention that the project is on github.
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