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Email Piping Problem (1.6 RC2)

Hi guys,

I understand that there is another thread regarding Email Piping. However, I just want to start another thread to be sure that we are taking about the same version - 1.6 RC2 here :)

I have setup 1 email account for test - [email][/email].

I have also make the necessary forwarding command for [email][/email] in CPanel 10.


The 1st line of my pipe.php is now !#/usr/local/bin/php since my hosting provider says so.

When I sent a test email from another test email to [email][/email], the email will be received at [email][/email], but it does not appear nowhere in the Ticketing System. Where should it appear?

In addition, is there anywhere I can use to debug if the email has been forwarded to pipe.php?

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