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email attachments from user are dropped

I am sending in email attachments as a demo user. my message shows up in the ticket but the attachment has been dropped.
sorry if this has been answered before


  • am I the only one with this issue??
  • With me it works just fine. So it's hard to see what's causing the problem in your case. I don't think anybody has had this before, at least not that I know of.

    Just to be sure, you have checked "Allow Attachments" and "Accept emailed files" in the Admin Panel right?

    Some other things that might be the problem:
    * Is your attachment file type in the list "Accepted File Types"?
    * Is your attachment file not too big (Maximum File Size)?
  • yes im good on all these things
    Ive tried it from different email addresses too
  • red;855 said:
    yes im good on all these things
    Ive tried it from different email addresses too
    Can you check if the table "ost_ticket_attachment" contains any records? And I assume that your upload directory is empty (no files).

    And also, through what method are you retrieving emails? Pipe or POP3?
  • thanks for helping me troubleshoot
    ost_ticket_attachment only contains the attachments that I sent a demo user (my email) nothing I emailed back is there, its the same for the upload directory

    I am using pipe, I have confirmed with my host that attachments are allowed and none of the extensions I am sending are blocked
  • Your welcome. I just want it to get working and it is also important to know if this is because of a bug or not. If it's a bug we need to get it fixed.

    Anyway, some more questions :)
    You are saying that you emailed back, do you mean reply? I don't think this has anything to do with it, but I just want to be sure. So if you only tried replying, can you try to send a new mail to you support email (off course with attachment ;)).

    Is it for you possible to try using POP3, because for me this is case and since it's working I want to know if it would for you too.
  • Yes by emailing back I mean I replied to the ticket through email
    I also tried starting a new ticket through email as an attachment
    I also tried following the url at the bottom of the email that allows me to log in with my email address and ticket number and attaching this way

    none of these methods kept the attachment or resulted in the attachment appearing in my uploads folder

    Im not sure how I can set up POP3, sorry I just dont know what that entails
    I had to set up OS ticket on a subdomain, do you think that has anything to do with it?
  • is there any other way to trouble shoot this without changing my mail delivery method? I really need to get this working
  • same issue here.. using pipe and emails with text only works fine..
    if I attach an acceptable format file in the email, the ticket gets generated and customer (me) gets an email notification that ticket was created. I also get another bounced email ( I am assuming the attachment generates this bouncd mail)
    Also nothing goes in the attachment folder on the server wich is 777 chmoded..

    any ideas?

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