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Is there a way to prevent user from reopening a ticket

Once our team works on a ticket and decides to close that ticket, we would like it if the end-users could still view all of the details, but not be able to post a reply and have the ticket reopened. I haven't been able to figure out a way to make this happen, and I don't see any mod requests for this behavior.

Maybe somebody can help me out.


  • You would have to handle this from two angles:
    1) Within the website - if the status = closed then remove the button to add a reply.
    2) Messages received from the CRON do not re-open a closed ticket.

    Should be easy enough to find the files that handle this.

    Looks like maybe in include/class.ticket.php - look at line 334 for starters.

    But - what if a user has another issue with the same details? Do you want a new ticket opened?
  • Sorry to reply to an old thread - however, I got requested to do the same thing today and could not find a thread with the right answer.

    To close this one out if anyone needs to do the same thing - it is indeed in class.ticket.php.

    Look for function postMessage and then look for the following lines:
    if(!$this->isOpen()) {
    //If the ticket to last respondent...if they still have access to the Dept.
    if($cfg->autoAssignReopenedTickets() && ($lastrep=$this->getLastRespondent())) {
    //3 months elapsed time limit on auto-assign. Must be available and have access to Dept.
    if($lastrep->isAvailable() && $lastrep->canAccessDept($this->getDeptId())
    && (time()-strtotime($this->getLastResponseDate()))<=90*24*3600) {
    $this->setStaffId($lastrep->getId()); //Direct Re-assign!!!!????
    //TODO: Worry about availability...may be lastlogin also? send an alert??

    Remove them all and this will do the trick
  • I presume that this mod is intended for 1.6ST since you posted it to the 1.6 forums. Right?
  • That is a correct assumption :)
  • Moving thread to 1.6 Mod section then. :)
  • did this get added. I'm on 1.81 and can't find such an action.
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