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Autosuggest Client Side

I would like to incorporate the autosuggest feature into the client side of the creating a new ticket.

I work in a company where the people that will be generating tickets are employees requesting service. I have already implemented this mod below, but would like to set the drop down menu on the cilent side to be an auto suggest field.

I have implemented the javascript code into the client/ as well as the css file. I have also implemented the similiar code for the email and name field in the staff/ file. I have gotten it to work, but only when I am signed in as a staff member, but when a client tries to use it I receive an error.

I have troubleshot this error and found that it is looking to log in, so it will have access to tables in order to perform the query to return the clients from the clients table.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to bypass the security on the client side so the query can properly run and view the client table to show the results.


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