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Too many login failures


I've a problem again. I want to fetch emails with pop3 now, but there is everytime this error:
Too many login failures

I don't know what's the problem. I've checked the login datas again and again, but they are correct.
I've also checked the host datas and they are correct, to.

What's wrong?


  • Same issue, after upgrading to RC5

    I just upgraded to 1.6RC5 and I'm also getting that same error message when setting up an email account in the Admin Panel. I have tried using several different POP3 accounts with different providers, all with the same result.

    If anyone can shed some light on this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • See this thread

    Issue already documented - Please see this thread
  • I can't see there any solution for my problem and I don't use Gmail
  • Hello

    I have same problems

    Invalid login. Check POP settings

    I check , all is ok with all email tools.

    I try with soms Pop account and provider , and local server , same problems
  • sven-teichmann;8324 said:
    I can't see there any solution for my problem and I don't use Gmail
    I think we are all experiencing the same problem, I just happened to tie it to gmail ssl.

    There appears to be no solution!
  • I believe POP/IMAP related issues are now resolved. Download the latest version again and re-upload all files with the exception of setup directory and include/settings.php
  • How to fix this

    This happens from two things

    1. You just installed/uninstalled mcrypt or moved servers (mcrypt changed your password salt between servers, or one server does not have mcrypt)

    2. Your crontab kept executing until Gmail locks your account out.

    How to fix

    1. Reset Gmail from your server ip (might need to run lynx)
    For Gmail:

    For Google apps:

    2. Re-enter the password of each email in the admin panel, email tab of osTicket

    I added code to check this


    $mbox=imap_open (\"{}Inbox\", \"EMAIL ACCOUNT HERE\", \"PASSWORD HERE\")
    or die(\"Error: \" . imap_last_error());

    echo \"<h1>Mailboxes</h1>\n\";
    $folders = imap_listmailbox($mbox, \"{}\", \"*\");

    if ($folders == false) {
    echo \"Call failed<br />\n\";
    } else {
    foreach ($folders as $val) {
    echo $val . \"<br />\n\";

    echo \"<h1>Headers in INBOX</h1>\n\";
    $headers = imap_headers($mbox);

    if ($headers == false) {
    echo \"Call failed<br />\n\";
    } else {
    foreach ($headers as $val) {
    echo $val . \"<br />\n\";


  • Not Using GMail

    Is there a solution for those of us not using Gmail as the mail server?
  • Hello, 

    I've just installed OSTICKET, i am testing emails section, however i am getting this error "Too many login failures" with Gmail. Is there any Solution Please ? I am using the latest version of OSTICKET 1.9.12.

    Thank you 
  • Thread is from 2009... for version 1.6.
    There have been many changes to osTicket's mail since then...
    Closing zombie thread.
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