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Merge tickets content

is it possible to merge content from several tickets in a new ticket ?


  • I would like to know about splitting/merging too

    I emailed support with a bunch of questions about features and that was one of them. They said a blanket "Yes, osTicket supports all the features that you indicated." What "supports" means I'm not sure - we are looking for something with features that we do not have to program in ourselves. From posts it seems that it's not possible to split or merge tickets though. By split I mean create a new ticket that is different from the existing one, not just 2 people being able to respond to it. We use the split function when we answer one question and then someone replies with a different question. We split that response with the new question into a new ticket and then respond. Also by merging, moving the other ticket completely into the one you are merging to.
  • It does make sense.
    I will try to make this modification.

    Masino Sinaga
  • yeah would be realy handy!!
  • Almost finished

    Let's focus first on the Merge Ticket. I almost finish doing this modification.

    Here is the scenario:

    1. Merge Ticket feature availables only for user with admin level.

    2. New tab named Merge Ticket appears in viewticket page, thus the Merge Ticket process can only be done from viewticket page.

    3. There is an option whether osTicket will notify the client about this merging or not by providing a checbox (default: checked).

    4. After clicked the "Merge Ticket" button, then all of the content of current ticket (origin ticket) will be merged to the selected ticket (destination ticket) being choosen by admin.

    5. All messages, responses, internal notes, attachments belong to the origin ticket will be moved to the destination ticket.

    6. Send email to the client if the option number 3 above checked.

    7. The origin ticket status will be set become "closed" and insert a message "Merged with ticket {ticketID}", and the Merge Ticket tab in viewticket page will be disappear. This will cause the closed tickets cannot be merged again after being merged before, unless you re-open it.

    8. If you want to merge another ticket to the same destination ticket above, then you have to do this via that ticket's viewticket page as the origin ticket. On the other word, you can merge as many tickets as you want.

    Does it make sense for you? Please do not hesitate to give us feedback before I release the code. Thanks.

    Masino Sinaga
  • Seems fair enough!
  • Here we go

    Thanks for your short feedback! :rolleyes:

    You can get the modification code now:
    Add Merge Ticket Feature into osTicket v1.6 RC5

    Masino Sinaga
  • hi masino, i have mine set up that each dept is its own company, ref this link is the way i have mine set up..

    i noticed after this mod installed that the manager is able to merge with another ticket from another dept (the manager can see the other dept/companies tickets)

    im assuming its a if else statement like the other stuff.. but not really sure how to set that up and where, ill take a look and try some things but if you have time to help me isolate the merge to someones one dept that would be cool. thanks.
  • this is what i have so far in the include/staff/
    i dont work:confused:, the page locks but i think im close. can ya give me a nudge please lol

    UPDATE: so that i dont confuse anyone with code that does not work i have removed the code here. please check the solution on page 2, it works.. thanks
  • UPDATE: so that i dont confuse anyone with code that does not work i have removed the code here. please check the solution on page 2, it works.. thanks
  • Have you found the solution regarding your needs? Let us know.

    Masino Sinaga
  • no sir, i have tried several things, tried sorting before it gets to the posting, tried putting the sql in two sep statements, tried tons of things just cant get it to work, it either bombs the page or the field display is messed up or the php blows up.. i can get the if to work but not the else for some reason...

    its prob just like a ; or something that im missing....

    can you help please my eyeballs are falling out and so is my hair.. and i would love to go test your other mod once i get this done.. help please
  • Okay then. I will try to help you tomorrow (actually I am going to go out of town tomorrow morning for some job from my office). I will try to provide some time by tomorrow noon or night.

    Now it is too late at my country; almost 00:01 AM right now. Going to bed now. See you later. :p

    Masino Sinaga
  • thanks bud, ok here is what i need, on the merge mod you have this following section that we post at the bottom of our include/, i just need this section to screen if your admin you see all tickets in the system, if your not admin you only see your dept tickets thats all...

    here is your code... appreciate it and have a great trip...

    //Admin and Manager function - merge tickets.
    if( ($thisuser->isadmin() || $thisuser->isManager() ) && ($ticket->getStatus()!='closed') ) {
    <div id=\"mergeticket\" class=\"tabbertab\" align=\"left\">

    <h2>Merge Ticket</h2>
    <form action=\"tickets.php?id=<?=$id?>#mergeticket\" name=\"notes\" method=\"post\" enctype=\"multipart/form-data\">
    <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ticket_id\" value=\"<?=$id?>\">
    <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"a\" value=\"mergeticket\">
    <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"email\" value=\"<?php echo $ticket->getEmail(); ?>\">
    <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"status\" value=\"<?php echo $ticket->getStatus(); ?>\">
    Merge this current ticket into ticket # <select id=\"keepticket\" name=\"keepticket\">
    $sql = 'SELECT ticket_id, concat(ticketid,\": \",subject) AS label FROM '.TICKET_TABLE.' WHERE email='.
    '(SELECT email FROM ost_ticket WHERE ticket_id = '.$id.') AND status '.
    '= \"open\" AND ticket_id <> '.$id.' ORDER BY `created` DESC ';
    $lookuptickets = db_query($sql);
    while (list($ticket_id,$label) = db_fetch_row($lookuptickets)){
    <option value=\"<?=$ticket_id?>\"><?=$label?></option>
    <div><input type=\"checkbox\" value=\"1\" name=\"notifycustomer\" checked=\"true\" />Send Email to Customer inform the Ticket Merging</div>
    <div style=\"margin-left: 50px; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 10px;border: 0px;\" align=\"left\">
    <input class=\"button\" type='submit' value='Merge Ticket'/>
    <input class=\"button\" type='reset' value='Reset' />
    <input class=\"button\" type='button' value='Cancel' onClick=\"history.go(-1)\" />
  • Solution

    Just arrived at home. :p

    Well, try this modification then:

    Limiting Tickets Based on Current Department in Merge Ticket Selection of osTicket v1.6 RC5

    Masino Sinaga
  • nice job wow, no wonder i was not getting anywhere with my simple code, i forgot so many things to nice job works perfect... thank you and my brain thanks you..
  • Great Mod! I'm running in to one issue. When I open the Merge Tab section, there are no tickets listed in the Drop Down? Any ideas? Thanks!
  • In order to implement this we need to decide on what it means to "merge" several tickets. Where do the description, milestone, etc. of the merged ticket go? Are the comments interspersed in chronological order, or somehow separated based on the original ticket?
    Volte: it sounds like you actually want to keep the tickets separate, but link them so that they are both closed at once and counted as 1 ticket. It seems like this would cause confusion since there are now 2 or more open tickets where comments can continue, so users following the issue must watch all the duplicate tickets. It'd be helpful if you could explain what shortcomings you see with closing tickets as duplicates that you could address by "merging" the tickets.
  • Merge tickets

    Once you merge the tickets...from multiple senders...who gets the response...everyone or the master (first) sender?
  • Will not let Manager Merge Tickets - only Admin
    masino_sinaga;10987 said:
    Thanks for your short feedback! :rolleyes:

    You can get the modification code now:
    Add Merge Ticket Feature into osTicket v1.6 RC5

    Masino Sinaga
    In your post above, in the linked page with the mod you state, "This feature can only be accessed by user with admin and manager level."

    However, my Managers cannot see the Merge Tickets tab, only Admins. I tested the same ticket # signed in as Admin and Manager, and only Admin sees the Merge Tickets tab.

    I reference this line:
    if( ($thisuser->isadmin() || $thisuser->isManager() ) &&  ($ticket->getStatus()!='closed') ) {

    in \include\staff\

    This seems to be where the user is authenticated. If I understand this correctly, if thisuser is not admin, then check for Manager. In other words, if thisuser is admin or Manager, and ticket is not closed, then show Merge Ticket tab.

    Since it is not working when Manager, I question how thisuser is determined to be Manager.

    Is this authenticating from the Account Type or User Group (or something else)?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Whatever happened to this? Was it implemented?
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