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Add some information before closing the ticket

I want to create a table in database so that when the manager or admin try's to close a ticket than it will take to the page where the user can enter some report like reason, response, report, etc.
I can take care of what all things to be added into that table and how to take from there, but I am not able to figure out where should I make the changes.

So basically, when the user click's close, it will do everything normal except inbetween it will redirect to the page where user will report for closing the ticket and than it will redirect to that page with that ticket status being under close tab.

I assume there might be some transfer of session variables which might get disturb. Secondly currently under include/staff/

the code is

and the form action it "ticket.php" which I am not sure where it is.

Can somebody suggest me how to redirect to new page to enter the information on close and than redirect back to the current page.
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