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how do I find the version number of my install

please excuse me for being thick, but can someone tell me where I find the version number of the install I have?


  • Solution

    This post should answer your question. Cheers! :D

    Masino Sinaga
  • Follow these three easy steps to determine which version is installed on your PC.

    1. On the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, click Start or the Windows logo. If your menu has a 'Start Search' field, continue to step 2a. Otherwise, click Run and continue to step 2b.

    2. Search or Open
    1. In the Search box, type winver. Double-click winver.exe from the results and continue to step 3.
    2. In the Open box, type winver and then click OK.

    3. The resulting window shows your operating system version.
  • OR
    Log into your OST site.
    Click on "Admin Panel"
    Click on the "Settings" tab.
    If its a recent version it will say something near the top saying "System Preferences and Settings (v1.6 ST)"

    Log into your OST site.
    Click on "Admin Panel"
    Click on "Dash Board"
    Under "System Logs" locate the last "osTicket upgraded!" it tells you there.

    from a mysql command prompt issue a command similar to this:
    SELECT ostversion FROM ost_config;
  • can anyone tell how to do it in the latest version... ? the latest version config table doesnot have version field it seems...
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