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Crashes in IE

Everytime we try to login as tech/admin it crashes IE
"Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close...."
Details are:
AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180
ModName: mshtml.dll
ModVer: 6.0.2900.3199
Offset: 0007ac66

Works fine in Firefox, but most of our users use IE.


  • Im seeing the same issue.

    When I try to log in here :http://localhost/osticket/scp/admin.php

    i get the same error.

    As soon as the page starts loading there is the javascript error icon in the lower left had corner.

    Fire bug dosnt report any errors on either the login page or the next page.
  • We are looking into the issue. I don't have access to IE at the moment..
  • The problem is in main.css, i have to go now but I will try to look at it some more in the morning.
  • jason;44 said:
    The problem is in main.css, i have to go now but I will try to look at it some more in the morning.
    The culprit is in fact in main.css [dir/scp/css/main.css]

    * { position:relative; } 
    Amazed that a CSS problem causes IE to crash. I was putting my money on bad gif or js.

    To fix the issue, simply delete or comment out above line and add text align to center on the body as shown below.

    body {
    font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;
    /* * { position:relative; } [comment out or delete]*/[/B]
    I will update the downloads shortly.
  • That resolved the issue for me :)
  • EDIT: I edited the wrong main.css file. It works now

    can you put the updated main.css file in the downloadable zip file, or at least post it for the coding challenged. I would bet that 90% or more of the users of this app will be using IE.

    At least make this thread a sticky, will save many repeats.
  • This fix works

    I had the same problem with IE 7 but could use firefox just fine. I changed the main.css file and it seems to be working.
    I have yet to try all sections of my installation of osticket but this fix allowed me to log in and see the tickets I had already started and IE 7 no longer crashes. Make sure you are in the right folder when you change the main.css file. Thank you for the fix.
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