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Notice sent to user, if enabled, on new ticket created by staff on their behalf.

Hi everyone,

I am a new user of Ozticket (version 1.6ST), still currently in the implementation stage. Firstly would like to say big thanks to the devs and other staff of Osticket. Great tool for small business that cant afford paid enterprise software.

I have tried search forums and through G$$ :) with no success, probably due to my search string.

Current issue that I have is when I (staff) create a service ticket on behalf of a customer the automated template that i am using is sent to the customer without the variables being replaced by the values.

Example email received by customer:
-- do not edit --

Valued Customer1,

Our customer care team personnel has created a ticket #12345 on your behalf, with the following message;


Your ticket #%ticket created on %createdate is in %dept department.

If you wish to provide additional comments or information regarding this issue, please don't open a new ticket. You can update or view this ticket's progress online here:

So variable %name, %ticket, %createdate and %dept have blank values.

If a customer creates a ticket them self's through the customer portal all Variable values are correct.

Anyone kindly have suggestions and or solutions?



  • Same problem


    I have exactly the same problem. Could someone fix it?


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