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Updating by Email

Does anyone know if there is, or will be, support for system users to update tickets remotely by email?

The system allows end-users to update tickets by posting the ticket id in the subject line of their reply emails, presumably tracking by source email address. I would think that it wouldn't be too hard to add similar functionality to allow staff updates by tracking the staff email address definitions.




  • I can see that class.pop3.php in the include has a section to check for mismatched emails, which can be commented out to recieve update emails to a ticket from non-source address. This, however, appears as an update from the end-user.

    I can also see that the postMessage function (which is defined in the class.ticket.php) is called to perform the update. This writes to the TICKET_MESSAGE_TABLE in the db though.

    I have played around with trying the postResponse funstion (again in class.ticket.php), which writes to the TICKET_RESPONSE_TABLE, but frankly I'm not a coder... any help would be appreciated.

  • Cool but bad idea

    It is an interesting idea, but I don't think it is practical or even useful. You might as well simply use a mail client. Some of the issues to consider include;

    1) No ticket history and internal notes
    2) How would you provide locking mechanism to avoid double replies?
    3) Limited assign, transfer, status..etc
    4) Complex code/logic needed to hand staff "replies" with no benefit.
    5) Security/Access issues..

    My point is the feature is not worth the efforts or even useful.
  • Thanks for your response... my messing around with configs has perhaps given the wrong message for what I'm trying to achieve.

    I would like for support personel - who are setup to recieve a copy of any updates to a ticket through their regular email client - to be able to respond to the end user through their email client, and have that response logged and tracked properly within the osTicket system. (I've used this functionality with Request Tracker in the past, and it has been useful.)

    Thanks again,

  • psdinc;1785 said:
    Thanks for your response... my messing around with configs has perhaps given the wrong message for what I'm trying to achieve.
    No. I actually understood what you are trying to achieve. As I mentioned, it is a nice idea (to some anyways) but you still need to address the issues I raised.
  • kayako will handle this - I have been try to figure out a way to handle this as well through osticket but it does not look like its going to be possible *sigh* I dont think it would be hard if you mapped the reply with the ticket number. but it would be something that would have to be implemented.
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