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Installation claims to succeed but cannot log in to Admin Panel

After completing osTicket Basic Installation, I attempt to log in to the Admin Panel with the following results:

- using correct user/pass: "Authentication Required" continues to appear above the fields
- using incorrect user/pass: "Invalid login" appears above the fields

Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Same problem here, :(


    -After re-installation it worked ok for me,

    Install Osticket with all the original info from the makers, don't change the titel e.d.
    Just fill in the information for the SQL database and you will get again the message that the installation is succesfull. Then go directly to the admin page by clicking at the link. Then if evertything is corret the installation will ask you to change your password. After you changed your password, chmod the config.php file from 777 to 644. After that delete the setup directory.

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