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email admin on all messages?

How would I go about a modification that would simply email the admin for every message that is posted to a ticket; internal, external, etc?



  • I made some progress on this by using this mod that allowed me to assign my admin user to all departments as the 'manager'. Now I am getting emails for everything except when a staff member posts a (external) message to a ticket - only the client/user get's an email in that case.

    Please let me know if you know how I might achieve this.
  • Hi,

    Is this mod still alive? I'm trying to use it to access OSTicket from a java Application. It seems that wsdl is wrong (begin with some "<!-- partie GETTEXT -->" before "<?xml". AXIS reject the webservice...

  • It's from 2010 and for version 1.6ST.  I would say that no it does not work for current versions.
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