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osticket thru apache mod_rewrite

Curious if anyone has seen this particular issue. I have a new install of osticket on our support server, where we host our default /kb, /blog and now /ticket. When I access the support server directly (linux/apache box) and move around the osticket app /support/ticket/osticketpages... everything works fine. But, for our production setup we proxy from our main web servers thru to this support box for all requests for /support/kb, /blog, and /support/ticket. When accessing through this model, every few pages I need to login again, almost like the session info may not be sent thru. Any ideas?

I have tried many rewrite rules on my app boxes, and I have no issue with out blog or our support/kb app, but continually have to login and login to osticket.

Also, I have tried every rewrite rule on the ticket one, and nothing seems to work, and I have no issues on my others. Any help is greatly appreciated, thx.

Excerpt from apache configs on our www app servers, passing thru to support servers. We have two app servers, and both have these rules.

# rewrite for knowledgebase
RewriteMap esc int:escape
RewriteRule ^/support/kb(.*) http://internal_ip/support/kb/${esc:$1} [P,NE]

# rewrite for ticket system
RewriteRule ^/support/ticket(.*) http://internal_ip/support/ticket/$1 [P,NE]

# rewrite for blog
RewriteRule ^/blog/?(.*) http://internal_ip/blog/$1 [P,QSA,L]
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