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Ticket Date & Time and POP3

When fetching mails via POP3 the ticket is created with the date and time of the moment when the mails are imported into the database. I would rather want the ticket date/time to be the date/time when the e-mail was sent by the customer or received by the mail server.

Any chance to configure osTicket to use the date and time from the email?


  • Took a little look at this. Perhaps you can alter the function createTicket in class.pop3.php and add the following line:

    This gets the date from the email headerinfo, but not in the right format as far as I know.

    Off course the second thing you should alter is the function create() in the file class.ticket.php. It now says something like "INSERT INTO '.TICKET_TABLE.' SET created=NOW() '."
    The NOW() part should then be replaced with your emaildate, but only when available (since the create function is also used for non email tickets).

    Anyway, it's not the easiest thing to do but perhaps I have given you a headstart.
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