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White page after adding a new ticket

Hi 2 all!
Fisrt of all, thanks for this fantastic script! And "good luck!" for the new release...
That I've just installed but, after I've tryed to opena new ticket, appears a white page without nothing inside (open.php in the link)). However, notifications are sent to Admins and customer but without messages of a succesfully new ticket creation.


  • Hmm

    Hmm, I'm having this problem too.
  • ...But no one reply to this...
  • Hmm

    Not sure why it's doing this...I reinstalled and it seemed to work fine again, but then when I enabled notifications for admins via e-mail, it stopped working. Changing those settings back didn't fix it either.
  • Without that function... I think it's a little bit useless, isn't it? In every case, why someone of the Staff can't reply to thiz? :confused:
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