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Modifying Help Topics Width in osTicket 1.6.rc3


We were using an older version till several hours ago, but since ticket issuers cannot view tickets and replies after clicking on e-mail links, we have installed osTicket 1.6.rc3. Everything works fine. But we need more space for Help Topic under Help Topics. The maximum character length is around 32. We need more space.

According to one reply answered for the same subject, one can change the width of the drop-down menu by modifying include > client > But it seems that his/her suggestion applies to older versions and not to v1.6 RC3.

Does anybody know how to expand the width for Help Topics?

Thank you,




  • You need to change two things:
    * Edit the table prefix_help_topic so that the field topic is not 32 characters but more
    * Change the line "">" in the file ./include/staff/

    size=30 should be something like size=50

    Hope this should do the trick.
  • Resolved - Modifying Help Topics Width in osTicket 1.6.rc3


    Thank you for your prompt reply. Your solution is perfect. I changed the width to 52, and it works. Yay!

    I love osTicket, and I love my life! What else do I love?

    You're the greatest, 4ice. Thanks again.

    Tom at MHVT.NET
  • Haha, great to hear that it was usefull!

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