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Work in progress; Invoicing system running along OST

Here I've added a button on the SCP tickets side.

Once clicked it opens this page
Where it checks through a new database seperate from OSTs database for any invoices with that ticket number associated. It lists them with a link to the full information. If it finds none, it only lists the bottom form boxes that come pre-filled with information from the ticket to create a new one.

The invoice pages are yet VERY basic, just got them functional in the slightest.
You can only add items to it once you're inside the same page that allows you to view the information. It will also be formatted to print an invoice.

This is the edit page. All totals are figured automatically. I currently have the line items in a different table than the invoice information and they tie together by ID. Thoguht that's the best way, but any PHP or MYSQL suggestions welcome, I'm teaching myself this as I go along for the most part.

  • Create another field on the invoice to indicate it's paid status.
  • Create reporting page to search by more than just ticket number, allowing lists by company, phone number, etc
  • Create a page of notes associated with each invoice for billing to track the paid status and collection attempts, etc.
I will shortly begin cleaning up the yet VERY ugly, yet totally functional code to release some files and a tutorial to set it up for yourself.

Any input, ideas for features to possibly add, etc. appreciated.

Saw a few posts where people were looking for this but actually have no idea how many people use OST the way my company does.

My next project will be an asset tag/inventory database that attaches in a similar way, then connect inventory and billing together as well.


  • Any updates on this?

    This is exactly the type of mod I was personally looking for.

    The addition of asset tag/tracking would be great as well.

    Are you tying the asset tag to the ticket that will then also generate in the invoice, thus helping to track how often tickets are open an an asset tag?

  • Yeah!

    I want that!!!! It's really nice!
  • That post was from 2010 and for version 1.6.x. I highly doubt that you will get an answer from the original author and officially makes this a zombie thread. Closing thread.
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