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make phone number required


I am trying to force phone numbers to be a requirement

I changed the line

$fields['phone']    = array('type'=>'phone',    'required'=>0, 'error'=>'Valid phone # required');


$fields['phone']    = array('type'=>'phone',    'required'=>1, 'error'=>'Valid phone # required');

but I am still able to create a ticket with a blank phone number field



  • anyone know how I can enforce this?

  • help ? :(
    please? :(
  • Solution


    you have to update the open.php file as well after this:
        if($thisclient) {

    Use the following after it, then it will give you an error if the class.ticket.php has the 'required' set to 1:


    I know it's a late answer, but I just had the same problem and I solved it because of this thread ;)
  • There are also two functions in /include/class.ticket.php that have sections were

    $fields['phone']    = array('type'=>'phone',    'required'=>0, 'error'=>'Valid phone # required');

    is located. the update() and create() functions. Based on the original post there really is no way to tell if he put it in the right one. :)
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