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Migrating hosts

Hello all, I was thinking about moving our OSticket instance to another host. Is it as simple as copying the directories verbatim, and naming the databases identically and just making sure that the database addresses are updated?

I've got some mods installed like FAQ that have been working really well and I would like to be able to keep things just the way they are.


  • I know that this is probably a late reply, but I figured that I would reply anyway in hopes that you get this and it helps, or it prompts you to post about your experience here for others.

    I initially setup OST on a linux box under Apache with a local MySQL implementation. It was really a test bed box, and not intended as a final solution. So we let people test it out and they really started using it. Our production server is a Microsoft Server 2008 running IIS7 and MySQL. So I had to migrate from one server to the other. Here's what I remember of what I had to do to achieve this.

    1. copy the directory (and all sub directories) of your OST installtion.
    Put the copy in their new home on the new server.

    2. create a back up of the database. On the Linux box I ran something similar to:

    mysqldump -u username -ppassword ost_ticketdb > backup_ost_ticketdb.sql

    3. Use the back up file to restore the DB on the new server. I used MySQL Administrator to import the DB from the .sql file.

    4. I setup a MySQL user with an identical name and password as the one on the old server. If you cannot remember what you used that information is stored in your ./include/settings.php You can search that file for "#Mysql Login info" and it should be immediately following. It would look something like


    Make sure that you give your new MySQL user permissions to access the database you just created. (I don't recall the exact permissions required so you might want to check the old users permissions).

    5. Lastly I setup IIS to serve the page from the new directory (step1).

    Then tested by loading the page. I don't remember having to change anything else, but you may want to log in as an admin and check the upload dir path if you allow attachments, and help desk url if you changed the hostname/domain name.
  • Has anyone got any better opr accurate means of doing this

    Has anyone got any better or accurate means of doing this
    as I can't fin the stuff he is refferring too for the db setup.

    Has anyone actually done this WHO CAN give accurate info.. ?

    This is quite desperate , as cannot go forward without being able to back up , as at crucial juncture...
    Don't want to lose what I've done so far.
  • I've re-looked at these directions and they are correct. The only thing that might be a stopping point for you would be the name of your configuration file in step 4. The settings file has changed names a few times since I started using OST. Yours might be called


  • thanks ntozier this help me to migrate into another localhost
  • You're very welcome.
  • Your instructions definitely make sense ntozier.  I've actually moved my database to another host and kept the application in the same LAMP/UNIX box it was originally installed on.  I simply changed the config file to pull the new DB and it still works fine.  The only major issue is the latency since the application and DB are sitting on two different networks.
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