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Installation Help

Good morning

It looked like the installation went off well. I had to login to the admin.php page with username and password. After log in, it ask to change my password. However I cannot change it.

I also get 2 page errors:
line: 105
char: 9
error: 'Http' is undefined
code = 0

What should I do ?


  • Just a suggestion but you should probably just get rid of the change password after install.

    People are going to install and choose the password they want to use and changing it is unnecessary and a little annoying.

  • Jason,

    Good idea. Forced change password actually comes about because of a default value on staff table, which I overlooked. The goal was to get admin update the profile. May be forced profile update instead?
  • Getting the same thing, it also crashes IE7 and shuts it down

    Do we have an answer yet?


    Ric Davenport
  • Thank you

    Good morning, thank you for all the help, but it was by reading through some of the other comments that I saw someone found it to work when using Firefox.

    I can confirm, use Firefox and you will have no problem:D:D
  • Thanks for the simple fix, this one was driving me crazy. No fields displayed to change password if you use IE. Firefox worked perfect.
  • same here

    I too have an issue using IE7 with this system. I will be using this in a site with all windows XP and Vista machines, so IE7 is going to be the standard browser. Any fix to get IE7 to work properly? Also anyone know if the other functions work ok, like can a user use the helpdesk without a proble and only admin functions require firefox to work? I really want to use this, but if IE7 won't work, then I am going to have to look elsewhere.
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