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XMLHttpRequest Error Message

Recently started having an interesting error message for one user.

He is able to create a ticket and submit but when he click the X to close the window, the following error message (also attached) displays:
[object XMLHttpRequest]

There is an option to click OK then the window closes.

Has anyone seen something like this before? We have 5 other users that have been using the system and none have received this error.



  • I cannot view the attachment, nor can I go to your implementation to take a look for myself. But you might find out what web browser (and version) he is using that generates this error. I believe that your user may want to uninstall and re-install their web browser.

    As an FYI I've used IE 7 - 9, Firefox 2-4, and Opera 10 and 11 and have not encountered what you are describing.
  • I believe I was able to resolve this problem. This particular user had his user id changed from what it was originally.

    While I have not done extensive testing, it seems that changing it back to the original user id has corrected this problem.

    I assume that not everything is being updated when the username is modified through the admin-staff page.
  • I have the same issue, but the username has not been altered. I'll do some testing though and see what else it might be.
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