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Email Pipe + Overdue Notification

Hi all,

I know this has beeen explored many times on the forums but not to my specific.

I have all my emails being piped to the program so they come in automagically.

How can I have the overdue notifications running on a cron so that they are sent out automagically also without a staff member having to loginn.
My problem is we have just implemented this system in our non-for-profit organisation and its very hard to get people to use new systems, therefore no one is logging in so no overdue notices are being sent. I logged in today and the backlog of overdue noticed flooded out!




  • I can't even work out what to put into the cronjob....
    I've tried so many variables its not funny!
  • Short answer:
    setup cron (*nix) or taskscheduler (windows) to run cron.php every so often.

    Long answer:

    This is taken from the POP3/IMAP settings document regarding setting up polling located at:
    Recurring tasks scheduler (Cron Job)

    This is the most convenient method if your hosting provider allows scheduling recurring tasks via crontab on *nix or "Scheduled Tasks" on a Windows server. Please refer to your hosting manual or contact your hosting provider for instructions. The PHP CLI executable is called to run cron.php.

    Add the following entry to cron file normally in /etc/crontab in *nix systems and adjust the time and paths accordingly.

    */5 * * * * nobody /path/to/php /path/to/api/cron.php

    For windows users in "Scheduled Tasks" add "c:\php\bin\php.exe c:\website\osticket\api\cron.php"
  • Thanks for the help - it didn't help me but i found a solution that worked for me from your promting!

    */5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/[cpanel_login]/public_html/support/api/cron.php
  • Great! And thanks for posting your solution here so that other people may benefit from it. :)
  • Hi ntozier,

    Im having the same problem, the overdue alert just be sent when I someone make a change in the ticket, how can i enable the service you said "cron.php" (i did not find it in Web server folder), to send daily alert emails.

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