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Auto-populate Name/Email

I understand that the current ticket system does not have any kind of user accounts. I am working to role out the helpdesk to our user base (~500 employees). We currently have a wiki where I was hoping to place a link for the helpdesk. As of now user must login to the wiki, therefore I was hoping I could take their username (ie. email) and populate the helpdesk so that they don't have to.

Mainly so when they create a ticket instead of asking for their Name and Email, they would just type their problem. If these fields (Name/Email) can be removed and it just work in the background that would be great otherwise just populating them would be fine too.

Is there a way to do this without too much work? I should be able to create a variable in the link's query string to contain the currently-logged-in-user's username that could (hopefully) be recognized by osticket.


  • You may be able to grab their login name (aka email) using one or more of the following:


    the wiki probably uses some sort of sessions for authentication, so you may be able to access those session vars to carry them over to OST.
  • Did you guys get anywhere with this? I'd also like to mod the new ticket form so it at least auto-fills their Name and Email address via either a cookie or even by accessing _GET params
  • Hi.  I know this thread is about six years old, but I'm trying to do pretty much the exact same things as the OP, wondering if anyone has had luck with this? Thanks!
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