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Admin settings not showing in IE7

When I use IE7 all that shows under the Settings tab in Admin is:
System Preferences and Settings (v1.6)
All the other tabs do the same thing except they show the title of the tab.
everything seems to work fine in Firefox.
Don't you love IE?


  • This is also occurring for me. Everything seems to appear fine up until a form field is suppose to be displayed. Maybe the way it's being presented in the code is causing problems with IE...that's just what I noticed wasn't showing up.

    Works great in Firefox though.
  • Are you sure everything works ok in firefox? Did you try adding a note to a ticket? I was having a problem where in the admin with firefox even it was logging me out and not saving my changes. I think I fixed that with some tweaking, but not having IE is a big problem for me.
  • I think it has been well established that there are some substantial incompatibilities with Microsoft products and the osTicket web interface.

    Here are some issues that I've collected in comparing IE6 and 7 with Firefox:

    IE6 - Crashes directly after logging into the Admin site (./scp/) Other than that, the submitting of tickets and viewing of tickets seems to work just fine. (with minor graphical glitches)

    IE7 - Submitting and tracking of tickets works great. (Again, different, minor graphical glitches) I can log into the Admin site, but there are some major issues in there as far as being able to see any information at all. The only tab where something is actually displayed after the header is the Directory tab
    (cgrray, you said that you can only see the system preferences and settings, but I haven't been able to see anything on that tab with IE7, I wonder if it has to do with the server software or PHP settings???).
    Also the body of the entire frame/page is not centered. (thats not important though as its only in the admin site and wont be available to everyone)

    (Included attachment has screenshots of a couple problems.)
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