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Multiple Companies - In progress



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    sorry but will i be able to get the script for the store and address the i need
  • veilex;24456 said:

    sorry but will i be able to get the script for the store and address the i need
    Originally Posted by tomt
    Adding name and address etc won't be to much work.

    The way this has been designed, when the user logged in, the script would know what their name and address etc was so there would be no need to select it..

    Unless you wanted them to manually select it anyway !!
    Sorry if I've confused matters.. I was meaning adding support to OSTicket should be easy, not that I'd done it.

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    I need a script like the one you made but i need the script to include (store number) (address) and it needs to be in the New open ticket page where the user can select the store number and address.... can you help me? Email me the script to my email [email][/email] Thank you
  • hi tom i am also a junior developer i am looking for the code you did as i have to do something more on top of it. can you please share it with me ... please reply me at [email][/email] as soon as possible to you
  • Hello there!

    My next mod attempt will be a vacation module for OST ticket, but to do it, I need this MOD (client login, multiple companies -will be transformed in multiple client groups-,...).

    The vacation MOD will be based in an old OpenSource solution called Vacation Scheduler (v.1.0.04) that is "inactive" atm.

    Could you post the code of this MOD?

    If it is not complete yet, I can help to get it done...

    Thanks! :)
  • Thanks so much
  • Hey thanks for all your hard work on this! This looks like exactly what I need, but the like is dead. Is this still available? Thanks
  • Oops i meant the "link" is dead... Is there any other place I can find this?

  • @supajdm this thread is from 2011 and for a version of osTicket (1.6) that is no longer supported.
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