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Need help sending tickets to 'outside' email addresses

Is there anyway to send a ticket to an external email account?

For example, OsTicket is setup, but some emails you get through your ticket system email address are personal, and you want to forward the message to your private email account. Is this possible, or will I need to build a mod?



  • This is not a feature of osTicket, so perhaps you can build and share it?
  • yes I think I will :-)

    Where do you think it makes more sense to integrate:

    As a tab next to 'Assign to Staff' called 'Send to External Email'


    As an option in the 'Action' drop down list under 'Delete Ticket' called 'Forward to Email and Close'

    or maybe somewhere else (I am not super familiar with the GUI yet)
  • Good question :)

    But since you will need to enter an emailaddress to where you want to sent it, perhaps your idea to add a new tab next 'Assign to Staff' is a good place.

    Good luck with it.
  • we have made the feature, but we did it using phpmailer function which might have been a bit of a hack.

    Let me know if its any use anyway, and we can post the code :)
  • Code welcome!

    Hi this would be great, please do post!

    It is just in line with my suggestion

    and meets other demands as well
  • just dropping in to let anyone waiting for this we have not forgot, just super busy at the moment. Will post code as soon as my programmer has some time to flick it over
  • This would save me the time to code it and would be a huge help. Thanks.
  • Hi,

    Any news about this feature ?
    I'm interested too !
    Thanks a lot
  • Hi guys,

    anybody made a mod for this yet? For a full blown ticketing system, this is a must in order for it to succeed.

    This would be a good feature in addition to the CC/BCC mod here

    thanks much
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