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Adding a Column in the Ticket List view

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all ok in this festive season?

Right.. I've been playing with OSticket for a while now and a big thanks goes out to the community for help i've got so far.

My next task is hopfully a straight forward one..

When a user (staf member) logs into OSTicket the first screen they are presented with currenty is the 'Open ticket' list.

Now, I have been able to amend my 'New tickets' to add a drop down menu with company names inside and all works fine..

however, I just would like to add a column on this 'Open Ticket list view' that puts the company name next to the 'From' column.

Please see screenshots attached.


  • You have to edit the /include/staff/ file.
    Happy exploring! :D

    Masino Sinaga
  • 50% there I think...

    Hi guys,

    thanks for your help to get started on this...

    now I have the following...
    <a href=\"tickets.php?sort=category&order=<?=$negorder?><?=$qstr?>\" title=\"Sort By Company <?=$negorder?>\">Company</a></th>

    ..sitting inside the '/include/staff/ file.' Screeshot (1).

    However, I need it to call up the Company Name to be populated there. Please see Screenshot (2).

    All of the Companies are in the 'Category' table in a column labelled 'Category'.. (I know, shocking huh?!). See Screenshot (3)

    The main thing though of course is to match the correct Company to the ticket but i'm not to sure where to look for this action? Can anyone help out here?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Hi guys,

    Has anyone had chance to have a look at this yet?
    I'm struggling a little bit with this.
  • plz, search the forum. there is a lots of mod that can help you.
  • Why not help rather than tell people to search themselves

    Why not help rather than tell people to search themselves, isn't the point of a forum .. to share knowledege, not be tight with info, SECRET SQUIRREL CLUB..
    Forums are for sharing & for helping.. Am i Wrong ?
  • Module Added

    Hi Sundog1, did you get what you wanted working ok?

    Thats a very useful option that you are trying to add, and wordering if you got it to work and if how much would it cost for me to implement in my OSticket?

    Please advise if you can.

  • how to callup? pl guide
  • Module Add
    anishpv;26175 said:
    how to callup? pl guide
    Hi, what did you my how to callup?
  • However, I need it to call up the Company Name to be populated there
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