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What is email piping?

Why would I use email piping? Is it to create tickets directly from an email?

Thank you.


  • You can find more information on piping at:

    Enjoy. :)

    note: the first sentence of the URL should answer your question(s).
  • Thank you, but I have already seen that. Is it for customers to create tickets? For employers to answer tickets? For everything? Who can use that feature?

    Thank you.
  • Presuming things are working correctly, then the answer is yes.

    A client (customer) can send an email to your support email address, and it gets directly imported into OST and a ticket is opened.

    A client (customer) or staff (employee) should also be able to reply to the ticket emails to have updates be piped into the same ticket.

    Please note that I am not an expert on piping. I have never felt it was necessary for any of the installations I administer.
  • OK, thank you for the reply. I am new with osticket and I want to know the features it has.
  • Hello, excellent questions and answers, thank you for asking and answering, that is exactly what I was wondering, too!

    @ntozier, is that to say that you always use POP access for the email accounts that OST works with, and stick with the 5 minute polling?

    Thanks again!

  • Hey Jon,

    I have a couple instances of OST that I administrate.

    - One is setup for IMAP, with 2 minute polling. This is a customer facing site, and we do not want just anyone to be able to email and open a ticket. We want people to use the web interface so that they get in the habit of using it.

    - The other does not check mail at all. This is an internal only ticketing system for agency needs (mostly printer setups, setting up/turning off accounts, and requests for new hardware). Predominantly it allows us to track the time that we spend on different tasks and provide accountability for requests. (i.e. if there is no ticket, then the work order was never placed.)

    - We had a third (Maintenance) that we were going to use for tenants to report issues with their units/apartments/buildings, but the Maintenance team decided that they didn't want to use it, so we took it down. That one was initially setup for IMAP polling every 2 minutes as well.

    Polling time can be set in Admin panel -> Emails -> (the email) -> Fetch Frequency
  • in ,what does it means of "Make pipe.php executable chmod 755 pipe.php " ? :confused:

    Note for me:
    Make pipe.php executable chmod 755 pipe.php means
    change permission access to this file for owner is can read, can write, and can execute.
    Other people only can read and execute only, can't write.

  • Email-Pinging

    1. Address to a forwarder: @domain
    2. Advanced Options -> Pipe to a Program: "public_html/osticket/api/pipe.php"
    3. Click 'Add Forwarder' button
    @domain to |/home//public_html/osticket/api/pipe.php

    assumption is you unpackaged osticket.tar in /home/USERNAME/public_html/
    Pipe to a Program path: if you have a leading '/' cPanel will use the path you enter, if you do not have '/' cPanel will create it relative to your home directory
    pipe.php should have hashbang at the top of the file: #!/usr/bin/php -q
    Make pipe.php executable chmod 755 pipe.php
    Enable email piping in admin panel Settings -> preference

    driver = pipe


    driver = pipe
    group = "${lookup{$domain}lsearch* {/etc/userdomains}{$value}}"
    user = "${lookup{$domain}lsearch* {/etc/userdomains}{$value}}"
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