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Can "non-staff" receive an autoresponse???


I'm running OSTICKET 1.7 - Microsoft Server 2003 using XAMPP.

Everything seemed to be working just fine.

I had my staff enter some "practice tickets" and they got the automatic response
back giving them their ticker number, etc. GREAT!

When we tryed to actually use the system we noticed that none of our users (non-staff)
were getting an email response when they created a ticket.

When I added one of these users to "staff" they now get the email response.

That's nice but I have people come and go frequently and need OSTICKET to send a response
to ANY email address whether the person is listed as staff or not.

Everyone's email goes through our exchange server and does not require authentication.

It just seems that an email address must be entered in "Add new staff" for it to send.

It there a way to fix this so it will send to anyone in our domain regardless of whether they have
been entered as staff or not? Otherwise the program will be unusable for us...

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