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autofill email address field

Hello all!
So this is my first time posting. I did some key word searches and didn't find anything on the topic. If its a repost, I apologize, and just ask to be pointed in the right direction. If not, then I would appreciate anyones input on this matter.

We currently have OsTicket installed for our Helpdesk ticketing system and are about to release it to the public so that they can open their own tickets, instead of us having to do it for them all the time. Currently we have OsTicket hooked up to authenticate via Microsoft Domain username and password. It works great for the few of us who have to log in, so we don't have to memorize yet ANOTHER password.

The problem is now that we are having our entire agency logging into it, we have to make it as easy to use as possible. Is there any way for a domain user to log in to the website, click "Create a new ticket" and have the email field autofilled with their email address. Everyones email address here is [email][/email].

Please let me know if you need further information, and thanks again for anyones assistance in this matter!



  • edited October 2013
    There are currently no user profiles in osTicket, a user is created upon their first created ticket and each ticket # acts as a password.

    Once a user has created one ticket, they are able to "log in" with said information. If they open a ticket from there the Name and Email are auto-filled.
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