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Anybody can reply to a ticket using the same email subject

Since 1.7.1 (or 1.7.2) anybody (staff, customers, users, ...) can reply to an existing ticket. Only the email subject have to be the same as the subject of an existing ticket. This is very ugly leading to some confusing for our staff as well as our customers.

We want back the behavior before 1.7.1. If we get an email with the same subject but from a different email address, a new ticket should be crated. How do to that? I have looked in admin panel for a setting, but I did not find one. So I guess I have to change source code?


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    Jared, thanks for your reply. I have done some further testing and - of course - is is as you stated.

    What changes are necessary to create a new ticket in any case if the senders email address is not equal to the original one (the email address associated to this ticket)?
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    This forum software is b***s***. Where is Jareds reply?

    However, I have a solution for this issue.

    To apply the hack in include/class.thread.php

                foreach (array_reverse($matches[0]) as $mid) {
                    $res = db_query(sprintf($search, db_input($mid)));
                    while (list($id) = db_fetch_row($res)) {

                        $sql='SELECT ot.ticket_id '
                            .' FROM ost_ticket ot '
                            .' INNER JOIN '.TICKET_THREAD_TABLE.' thread ON (thread.ticket_id = ot.ticket_id) '
                            .' WHERE'.db_input($id) . ' AND = ' . db_input($mailinfo['email']);
                        if(!($mm=db_query($sql)) || !db_num_rows($mm))
  • The reply was probably lost when they migrated the forums from VB5 to Vanilla.  I think that a day of posts was lost in the transition.
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