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Customer Web Form Issues

I upgraded to 1.7.2 tonight, and am having a few problems.

I searched for upgrade instructions, but details seemed to be pretty vague, so all I ended up doing was uploading the contents of the upload folder and then deleting the setup folder when it didn't seem to want to run the setup wizard.

I am running PHP 5.3.19 with Apache 2.2.23 on a Linux Server running CPANEL 11.38.2
(I use built-in PHPmail and piping rather than IMAP/POP)

Issue #1:
Customers fill out web-based form to open new trouble ticket and the confirmation page at the end fails to display the ticket number, it just shows "ticket #xxxxxxx" with actual x's. (photo attached)
This is a minor issue because the ticket still gets generated, and the customer receives an email about it.

Issue #2:
When trying to view/update an existing ticket via the web form, it doesn't allow the customer to load/access their ticket. Customer fills in email address and a valid ticket number, (or uses the email link from the automated email which fills in their email address and ticket number for them) and nothing happens after clicking submit. The page reloads and the email address and ticket number fields are then blank. Filling them out again and pressing submit again produces the same behavior repeatedly.

Issue #3:
No logo is displayed on the main customer landing page, or on the "check status" or "new ticket" pages. There's just a broken image symbol. I can't remember for sure, but this behavior may have started a month or so ago when I installed the previous upgrade.

Issue #4:
Before submitting this, I thought to go check my OST system logs, and noticed that there are no new log entries since 9/6/13 which is probably when I first upgraded from 1.6 to 1.7

Any thoughts, assistance, or further troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
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