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Brute Force attack on the Staff login page

Hi guys, loving the software so far but just have a question.

I had just made my ticket system live on forums and within half an hour I had some one try to brute force my staff/client login page (they were not successful and when I asked him about it he told me he was "testing" it (Was a former admin of the forums) He was able to do about 418 attempts in 2 minutes, is there anyway I can stop such things in the future?

I have the maximum amount of attempts set to 2 and a 10 minute wait but seemed to do nothing.

Pic below



  • you can ban the ip
  • ozkr;26622 said:
    you can ban the ip
    Which was the first thing I did in my webserver, but that does not help if people do it via proxys or have a dynamic IP.
  • edited November 2014
    Anything ever come of this?  I'm having the same problem on 1.9.4.  I've got excessive logins set to 3 failed attempts and a 10 min lockout, but like the OP mentions here, that doesn't seem to be doing anything..??  I'm getting 100+ login attempts from the same user within a few minutes.  

    Of course, I'm banning the IP's as I see them, however, they just keep changing IP's.  
  • Even though the thread is really old, sounds not so good that your installation of the latest 1.9.4. osticket is still lacking that (security) issue - if it's really an issue. But please do me a favor: I will close this discussion here, since there was not really a solution an it's over 2 years old, but please open a new discussion regarding the issue with the details about your osticket installation, so we can try to figure out if there is a security hole or a bug/issue with the function or your osTicket / webserver setup.

    I will add the link to the new discussion here, when you've opened it.
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