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Import Tickets from v1.6RC5 to v1.7.1

Hi All,

I copied my entire mysql database from our current production system to a development system, then upgraded the dev system from 1.6RC5 to 1.7.1. This successfully brought over all current tickets. However, this was a few weeks ago now, and my prod system has had more tickets open and close since I performed the upgrade.

Is there anyway to do a fresh import of all tickets from the production system (v1.6RC5) to my dev system (v1.7.1)??

My production server uses phpmyadmin, while the new dev system does not. I performed a dump of the ost_ticket table to a .sql. I SCP'd that file to my server in a dir called /temp. I then ran
mysqldump username -p databasename tableName > temp/example.sql When i refreshed the web interface, no luck.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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