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POP3 Polling

Having read the limited verbiage in the Wiki about POP3 polling I am left with a question:

Can I have osTicket poll an external POP3 account and retrieve email and convert to a ticket, IF I am unable to setup a CRON job(account restriction)?

Any clarification or work around would be appreciated.



  • edited October 2013
    allawrence;n73977 said:
    Hmmm, if anyone knows of a free service from which I can trigger the rcron.php script, it would be appreciated.
    If your server doesn't have adequate Cron, you can use online cron job service like
  • edited October 2013
    allawrence;n74180 said:
    Tried to get a question answered and no response .... not a fan of "coins"... free version not suitable for my needs.... the help SETCRONJOB gave me with QUICK response to my requests sealed the deal for me...
    I am from EasyCron. Could you tell me your email address or send it to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]? So that I can futher check if we received your email and what is the reason that we haven't replied.

    Since we replied every email we received quickly and patiently. We will not allow that there is really an email missed.

    Regarding the "coin" concept, we're sorry that if it's confusing. It's just a resource usage indicator for enabled cron. Nothing more.

    In our free plan, you can add up to 3 cron jobs (if each runs every 10 minutes), or more if the interval is longer. In SetCronJob, the free plan only allwo setting up 1 cron job (if it runs every 30 minutes).

    I hope that my above explanation can help you a bit if your sent email was really missed somehow.

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