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Help Understanding Email and Tickets in 1.7.2

edited October 2013 in General Discussions
Can someone please help me understand the limitations of using email with osTicket 1.7.2? I have been using the system for a while and the creation of ticket via email is great. The question I have is how to take advantage of the new "threading" function in 1.7.2. Example...

I am emailed directly from a customer (internal(staff)/or external). I realize this conversation should be tracked in a ticket. I reply to the customer email directly while CCing my osTicket default system email. This creates a ticket with the email content as a "reply". My question is how should the next steps work? If the customer replies to all, will this continue to update the ticket? As I understand it this conversation would not have the message ID or ticket # required to match the thread. As the customer responds a new ticket will be generated as the from address will be different.

Essentially I would like to be able to CC osTicket and have the entire email conversation become part of the ticket thread as it occurs similar to Request Tracker. Can someone please help me understand if this is possible and the process to accomplish this. Thank you.
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