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Installation on a "Parallels Plesk Control Panel " problems

Hi Everybody,
Not having a smooth install of osTicket (v1.7.2)

OzTicket install is one of the best I have worked on but the installer page is having difficulties connecting to the osticket MySQL database my case called "helpdesk"

I finally managed to connect using the IP address of the MySQL Server, ( ignoring the Port ? )

With this installation the scp login (Admin section) works and can be setup

I cannot get the customers Helpdesk page to display.

reading the forum indicates a number of possible solutions, namely:

a) Edit oz-config " # define('ROOT_PATH', '/support/'); " to hard-drive the helpdesk to the correct path . . . . ie remove # and change "support" to in my case "helpdesk"
b) Empty out the " table ost_session " using phpmyadmin ( NOT DELETE )
c) Edit " " both Hard wired and using a much more elegant fix described here :

I have re-queried the Plesk servers helpdesk and if successful will post solution tomorrow

Is there any other solution I have missed, one link was talking about the apache2 ports that I think is the problem here

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