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Create Users Table/Normalize Users Data out of Tickets Table

edited November 2013 in General Discussions
We're currently normalizing the user data by moving the user info out of Tickets into a Users table. Is there a reason we shouldn't be doing this? Is this something we should commit upstream?

We currently have it working in the major areas, but we need to make sure we hit all the touch points, like the ticket numbers, etc.


  • edited October 2013
    Well it sounds like your implementing a feature that is slated for the 1.9 release... user accounts. I believe that this feature is already being worked on by the devs.

    Pro: You will have user accounts prior to everyone else [who will have to wait until 1.9 comes out]

    Con: You are probably removing the ability to easily upgrade to new versions (like 1.8 which is currently in DPR, and we should start seeing release candidates soon)

    You could submit your code changes on github and the devs may use it, but like I said I'm pretty sure that since this has been in the pipeline for a while that they have been working on it already and your changes may not match what they have chosen to do.

    This thread seems better suited for general discussion since this is neither a suggestion nor feedback. I'll move it for you.
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