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Staff in multiple departments?

how can i assign staff to multiple departments? we have a few different emails being used for support (different support systems), and at them moment we have a single indiviual who monitors each mailbox.

I need to allow multiple users access to each department but not lock them down to that single department. would it be best just to assign them as admins or is there another way?


  • I believe that you can go to:

    Admin panel -> Staff -> User groups

    Create a group.
    Give that group access tot he departments that the user needs.
    Then add that individual to the group.

    It's not something that I have really played with much.
  • thatnks - was just what i was looking for :) - is there a manual for osticket?
  • I'm sorry, but I don't get it !

    What ever I do, impossible to assign a user to several departments. It's really driving me nuts :(

    Thank you for your help
  • @Steph,

    Please post your own thread with all pertinent details about your setup so that we can assist you. Zombie-ing a thread over a year old will probably not get you an answer that applies to you. Make sure that you post which version your using, etc.

    Closing thread.
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