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Team Lead and Assigned Staff

edited October 2013 in General Discussions
First of all I would like to start by thanking all those who have contributed their time to osTicket! This is truly an awesome and incredibly useful open source bit of software. You guys rock! We have implemented osTicket at our manufacturing facility and like countless others that use the system I have modded it to a great extent. My question specifically involves the Team assignment system. Right now we are using specific help topics to guide ticket assignments to specific teams as we have several different topics that fall under our engineering department. These teams have a team lead. When a ticket is auto-assigned to a specific team I would like all the team members to be notified of the assignment which seems to be the case when I select to notify team members. However, when I deselect this option and select just "assigned staff" and "team leader" does that only notify the team leader and previous assigned staff on that ticket, say for example from a reassignment? It seems that on new ticket auto-assignment, even if the help topic assigns it to the team, that "assigned staff" may only refer to previously assigned staff and not current members of the team. I have probably muddled my question here quite a bit, so put simply, what is the difference between "assigned staff" and "team members" on a new ticket auto-assignment specifically when managing alert settings. THANKS!!
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