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Remove Signature and Disclaimers


Can somebody help me with my issue?
I Want to remove signature and disclaimers from an e-mail. (When a ticket was been created)
I know that you must change something in your pipe.php, but i dont know how or what?
Please advise?:confused:


  • Well you can go to Admin panel -> email -> templates, and remove %signature from all the templates. I swear that there was a tick box to not include signatures some where but cannot remember where atm.

    As far as removing disclaimers, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean the text in the email templates? or is something else getting added. Please post an example, or check out the template area.
  • I not mean a template, I mean a person who send an email to OSticket with his signature. I want to remove that signature, because this is unnecessary information. Please advise?:confused:
  • Sorry, there is no way to do this in the OSTicket interface.

    If you are a coder you may be able to modify the source to do something like this, but it would probably not be trivial. RFC822 specifies

    message = fields *( CRLF *text )

    Everything after first null line is message body.

    My understanding is that since the signature would be part of the message body, its not like you can easily remove just the signature field.
  • Hi,

    Thanx fore you reply, ik go looking further.
    Can somebody else help me? with this issue
    Please Advise.
  • Work-a-round in 1.7

    So I've found a functional work-a-around to this issue...

    Using the MOD html email template

    After you impliment the above mod - Open class.ticket.php and comment out the following lines of code: ( x5 total )

    //if($cfg->stripQuotedReply() && ($tag=$cfg->getReplySeparator()))
    // $msg['body'] =\"\n$tag\n\n\".$msg['body'];

    Then in the newly created HTML email template, you can add the Reply seperator as described in the MOD forum post. If your aim is to get rid of incoming html signatures - You can add the line seperator as a section of your html signature. For my purposes. "Td style=" worked best. Then I simply changed the html code for the reply separator to match the color of the background ( hiding it from the end user all together ). The MOD link contains an html template with everything i've described as well!

    I would much prefer to be able to view mailfetched tickets as html, But I've yet to figure that MOD out...

    I've attached a Before and After Shot of my Fix for the problem, Aside from the extra spacing...It looks pretty clean :D
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